Federal Stance XL Rim / Freenight Hub

//Federal Stance XL Rim / Freenight Hub

Federal Stance XL Rim / Freenight Hub


Hand built Wheel, available in RHD and LHD.
Weight – 1,252g


The Free night hub is our own invented and developed free coaster hub. It’s a new type coaster, not just the same internals in a different shell. Riding forward it feels like a cassette and has NO SLACK. While moving backwards it provides the free coaster slack and also maintains maximum slack that allows pedal movements without engaging. Same as cassette it has full pedal power, but with NO NEED TO BACKPEDAL to disengage. The hub is very light weight – only about 450g!!! And yes, you can do crank flips from day 1.
In short – It’s the best.

Additional information

Weight 1252 g


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