We Are Not Alone!
The Free Night hub is the first Planetary Coaster

Enjoy a Cassette feeling while pedaling forward, and a Free Coaster slack going backwards!
Reduce 200g with our completely new slack control system – The Planetary Clutch.


No Slack

All Free Coasters have slack, and seems like everyone got used to it.
But what if you could get rid of this uncomfortable gap? We have the solution!

While moving forward, the Planetary Clutch ensures minimal slack.
Even if you backpedal, there will always be an immediate engagement.

Endless Coast

This innovative hub uses the rotation of the wheel itself to control the slack.
It works by itself, with no need to backpedal to disengage or to maintain disengagement.

While moving backwards, the Planetary Clutch ensures maximum slack.
As long as you keep moving backwards the hub will not engage*

  • Fast pedal forward movement while moving backwards can cause unwanted and damaging engagement.
    Pedaling forward while moving backwards is possible, but depends on the speed rotation of the wheel.

Pedal Power

Did you ever think why free coasters have such a “skwooshi” feeling?
The reason is the movement of a male cone being pushed into a female cone.

Our hub uses a cassette pawl engagement system.
Combined with the Planetary Clutch you get a free coaster with full pedal power!

Light Weight

Free coasters weigh much more than a cassette, pretty much common knowledge, right?
The internal metal parts are very large and heavy, and that increases the overall weight of the hub.

Our hub uses a cassette driver, and the Planetary Clutch is very light.
It helps to reduce the weight dramatically, to about 200g less than a typical free coaster!

Have your cake and eat it too? YES YOU CAN!