The Planetary Coaster is fully tested and street approved!
Our Free Night hub is now available at our online shop.

Freenight Planetary Coaster

The Free night hub is our own invented and developed free coaster hub. It’s a new type coaster, not just the same internals in a different shell. Riding forward it feels like a cassette and has NO SLACK. While moving backwards it provides the free coaster slack and also maintains maximum slack that allows pedal movements without engaging. Same as cassette it has full pedal power, but with NO NEED TO BACKPEDAL to disengage. The hub is very light weight – only about 450g!!! And yes, you can do crank flips from day 1.
In short – It’s the best.


  • Hub Shell
    6061-T6 alloy hub, 36H
  • Axle
    14mm male axle, 8mm allen key inner axle
    2 Chromoly 17mm axle nuts
  • Bearings
    2 hub bearings and 3 driver bearings
  • Driver
    9T, available in RHD or LHD
  • Color
    Black only
  • Flange Diameter
    Drive side: 58mm
    Non drive side: 45mm
    Flange to center: 26mm
  • Weight
    448g (15.81oz)

No Slack

While moving forward, the Planetary Clutch ensures minimal slack. Even if you backpedal, there will always be an immediate engagement.

Endless Coast

While going backwards, the Planetary Clutch ensures maximum slack. As long as you keep moving backwards the hub will not engage.

Pedal Power

Our hub uses a cassette pawl engagement system. Combined with the Planetary Clutch you get a free coaster with full pedal power!

Light Weight

Our hub uses a cassette driver, and the Planetary Clutch is very light. It helps to reduce the weight dramatically, to about 200g less than a typical free coaster!

Have a free coaster that sounds like a cassette? YES YOU CAN!